Transformation. Growth. Impact

Who we are

We are a group of committed development professionals who have achieved transformational impact over the course of our careers at over 30 organizations in both the non-profit and private sectors. We now have banded together to help your NGO or business achieve transformational growth in both scope and impact.  Our consultants offer their expertise in  multiple areas including: resource development and competitive bidding, donor diversification, project  management and “turnaround,”  behavior change communications, and building your staff capacity in all of these areas. 


What we do

ODCF help small and medium size NGOs in the US and the Developing World seize opportunities to achieve transformational changes that result in stronger, better resourced and more impactful organizations.  We accomplish these outcomes by applying decades of experience with stepwise transformation to identify the pathways, as well as the barriers to change, while building the capacity of staff to make the journey to a higher level of performance.  

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Founding Partner

John D. Berman

John has over three decades experience leading transformation change at multiple organizations.  A few key achievements include:

  • Created a new initiative to social market bednets to address malaria related childhood mortality.  Initiative had major impact on NGO, resulting in well over a billion dollars of revenue for malaria related work over the course of the last 15 years. This work included partnering with The CDC, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, USAID, WHO/TDR and as well as foreign governments as well as internal NGO leadership team.
  • Led a successful strategic partnership initiative to diversify funding base by developing deep understanding of, and extensive partnerships with The Global Fund.  Initiative resulted in $300,000,000 of funding from The Global Fund over ten year period.
  • Developed strategic model for achieving social change through national social mobilization approach.  This effort yielded major USAID funding for NGOs to address Gender Based Violence in South Africa, and involved intensive partnership with UNAIDS, South Africa Government officials, numerous South African NGOs and multiple BCC subject matter experts to develop and launch a groundbreaking “social mobilization” approach.
  • Business Development: developed and introduced proposal management and capture systems at two major global NGOs which resulted a doubling of their dollar win rates.  Work involved developing and executing strategic plans for resource development, developing processes and tools to simplify BD efforts, and provide training to staff at HQ and in field offices globally.
  • Conducted a “project turnaround” while serving as project director in Kenya, transforming a failing project into a global Social Marketing success story.  Success was driven by development of focused organization and resource development strategies.
  • Led Congressional outreach strategies for two major NGOs to mobilize Congressional staff and member support for public health and nutrition initiatives.   Advocacy impacted legislation (PEPFAR II)  and global health strategy through:  “on record” testimony at hearing with The Senator Foreign Relationship Committee; and The House Foreign Affairs Committee, Sub-Committee for Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations.