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International and indigenous development NGOs now face unprecedented challenge with upheaval in foreign assistance budgets, a global scramble for donor diversification and a secular shift to investing in local organizations.  These changes present tremendous demands on NGO leadership to maintain organizational health and assure their future relevance.  There are also tremendous opportunities for both international and local organizations to undergo the transformations that will be required for future leaders in international development.  ODCF’s staff have helped many NGOs (and a few donors) achieve such transformational change over the course of their careers.  Now  we're on call to help you and your team chart a path to the future.  

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Areas of Expertise

strategic plan stress test 

Many organizations operate with weak, outdated, or incomplete "strategic plans" that fail to position them for the future, address strategic threats or inspire leadership and staff.  ODCF can "stress test" your plan by conducting an external review which helps leaders see if they are solving the right problems, and have comprehensive solutions in place.  We can also help organization "fine tune" their strategic plans, or help build them from scratch as needed.

resource mobilization and diversification

Most organizations struggle to stay competitive and diversify their funding base. ODCF provides a broad range of services starting with the development of over arching resource development and diversification strategies to providing assistance with specific proposals or opportunities.  Between these two extremes, we can help you upgrade your competitive business development systems and processes, conduct win rate and competitive analyses and build he capacity of your business development staff anywhere in the world


program development and improvement

The quality of an organization's program implementation is the backbone of its strength.  Our team of seasoned project managers can help identify opportunities for improvement in your program management systems, coach your project teams, and problem solve to develop turn around strategies to get faltering projects back on track. We’re also ready to help out at the design phase to shape interventions and management strategies that assure your organization is responsive to donor and client requirements. 



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