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What is “capture,” and is your Business Development team really doing “it?”

Here’s an experiment. Walk down the hall and ask three people (technical, program, BD or senior management) to define “Capture.”  Really, give it a try. My bet is that if you do, you will get three different answers.  And the more people you ask, the more different answers you will get!

Now ask these same people if your organization is “doing capture,” and I will wager again that they will all throw up their arms and exclaim “OF COURSE!!”

What’s wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong here is that there's a problem common to both non-profit and for profit-organizations – they all say they are doing capture (“getting ready for a bid”),  but no one really agrees what that is or how to do it.  Some will tell you looking at the USAID (or other) forecast to know what is coming is capture, while others will say you have to start talking to potential partners….and so on.  Folks just aren't on the same page!

The odds are, like many organizations, your team might not  have an agreed on process for capture that is being systematically implemented for high priority opportunities – thus increasing your ability to compete for and win the awards.

If this sounds like something that might be an issue at your organization, drop me a line (jberman@odcftransform.com), or just reply to this post.  This is something that ODCF can help with, and I would love to talk about how we could be of service to your organization to assure everyone on your team is on the same page about capture, has tried and true processes and systems, and that you are truly preparing to give the next big bid your best possible shot.

Beatrice Berman