Applying a Stepwise Process to Transformation

Areas of Expertise

Strategy development and analysis

ODCF is a partner to NGOs that want to build highly competitive, impact driven strategies for resource mobilization and institutional evolution and efficiency.  

  • Enable NGOs to develop and implement stepwise strategies for institutional transformation. 
  • Conduct external "strategy stress tests" to identify problem areas in current strategic plans. 
  • Create step-wise pathways to organizational alignment for strategic planning institutional development.   
  • Strengthen existing resource mobilization and diversification strategies to meet current current competitive needs and institutional aspirations. 
  • Evaluate implementation of strategic plans and their impact on organizational growth and health.
  • Facilitate "white space" exploration of potential new organizational initiatives, and support planning for launch and roll out.
  • Serve as seasoned sounding board for leadership teams considering new strategic initiatives or organizational restructuring.

Resource mobilization and Diversification

We are qualified to offer a variety of services in resource mobilization to help you achieve your objectives including, but not limited to: 

  • Provide surge support for live proposals. 
  • Organize and implement capture activities to improve quality of competitive proposals.
  • Conduct technical reviews during color team stages, including donor compliance audits.
  • Lead and/or support win competitive win theme development. 
  • Diagnosis and improve pipeline management.
  • Donor mapping and strategy
  • Help structure, staff and train business development teams in all phases of the proposal cycle. 
  • Provide tools and systems, including: knowledge management systems, proposal process protocols and procedures, performance and “win rate” analytic tools and benchmarking



    program development and improvement

    With over 100 years of collective program and project implementation experience, we can help your organization:

    • Provide coach to project directors, COPs and other project leadership to strengthen their management skills, help problem solve, and improve and expand donor relationships. 
    • Identify opportunities to improve project management systems, including reporting, staff management, efficient use of meetings, and linking organizational and project objectives to performance goals. 
    • Upgrade program monitoring and reporting systems to assure learning and rapid use of data. 
    • Conduct internal pre-evaluation programmatic audits to identify areas of improvement, and improve formal formal review outcomes.
    • Get challenging projects back on track through expert intervention, facilitating partner and donor dialogue, and conduct external review of staff performances where appropriate.